ELISSA IS A WONDERFUL YOGA TEACHER, with whom I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to practice yoga as best as I can, Fridays at my office building. I am constantly amazed at the person I am when I begin a session and the almost unrecognizable person I become at the end. My job often demands a great deal from me and my co-workers, and it wreaks havoc on all of the things that Elissa seems to focus on in our weekly practice. Working through various poses and postures and movements, the damage done while sitting for over 8 hours a day melts away, a distant memory in the moments following each workout.

Life can be a war of sorts. Finding and achieving balance in one’s life is often a constant challenge.
There are our kids, spouses and careers, often the former two being compromised by the latter. There are some weeks where we can feel pushed and pulled apart, twisted in knots and put through a physical and mental shredder.

It is extremely rare to meet someone who shows such care, warmth, compassion, love and attention to their students. Elissa is such a person. She is keenly aware of her students’ limitations, orthopedic issues, alternatives to movements and the gentle, guiding touch of placing a yoga block beneath a students’ head, directing a yoga ball to a different region to achieve the intended purpose of its being there. Amazingly, she guides us each in our own way to achieving the most out of that days’ practice and somehow makes it all work.

I truly cherish my time in each session, although it sometimes will be weeks ’til I can get back. Elissa stresses the importance of taking some time to slow down and take time for ourselves, to focus on the present and clear one’s mind of the chatter, the stress and the chaos that can plague our days in times of great stress.

– Ron Collier, Huntington Beach, CA

You have my never ending gratitude for introducing me to a self help program that changed my life. When I began your class Yoga tune up ball therapy, I was challenged with a variety of muscular issues. Now, I have my active life back! I use my ball techniques daily to ensure continued success. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to be the best that I can be !!!

-Marilyn Hajebi


One feels immediately at ease under her tutelage, knowing they are in the hands of a caring professional, who is not only guiding them toward strengthening and healing their body, but also giving them a safe place to rest their mind and their soul!

Elissa’s use of the “Yoga Tuneup” therapy balls in class has influenced my practice in a profound way. 

Elissa is wise beyond her years,  Her knowledge of the mechanics of the body, appreciation for the intricacies of the mind, and her awareness of the sensitivities of the spirit make her an excellent yoga teacher!!

Come experience the treat of healing with Elissa…..

-Christina D’Arcangelo